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Please Click here to help provide financial relief to brave FBI Whistleblowers that are exposing problems within the FBI and who are being retaliated against by powerful people in the Department of Justice and the FBI who are trying to silence them.  For more information watch the video below and make a contribution and please share this website with as many people as you can!

Title: High on Power Once Again – The Latest Way the DOJ and the FBI are Abusing Their Authority & How You Can Help Stop It

WhistleblowerHelp.org was conceived during the week ending May 17, 2023, to use it’s first crowdfunding campaign to give direct financial relief and other assistance certain Whistleblowers from the FBI who testified before Congress about the retaliation they faced, resulting in unfair treatment and abuse. This retaliation, directed by the U.S. Government, included creating and adversarial and hostile work environment, illegally leaking medical records, loss of their security clearances, unpaid suspension from work, financial deprivation, seizure and withholding of personal and family items, mistreatment of their families and eventual loss of their jobs. These Whistleblowers expressed concerns that the FBI was engaging in dangerous, unethical, and illegal activities, essentially weaponizing the FBI against innocent U.S. citizens who disagreed with the policies of the current President. This is not the first time in history that the FBI has been used as a tool to attack U.S. citizens in both illegal and unethical ways (see COINTELPRO, Martin Luther King Jr. Surveillance, Abscam, the Waco Siege, the Whitmer Kidnaping Debacle).

The same abuses of power all over again. The latest generation of leadership in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI has once again exemplified the age-old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that they are unable to hold themselves accountable. Since their inception, the powers and resources entrusted by the American people to the DOJ and FBI have been frequently abused. Individuals who may have started their careers with integrity have succumbed to becoming control freaks addicted to the overwhelming power of their office. They feel compelled to use their authority to shape the world far beyond the intended scope of their public office and far beyond what people actually expect or desire. This unfortunate reality is facilitated by the existing the organizational structures that allow centralized control over extensive surveillance and police powers, without sufficient mechanisms for Congress or other entities to detect and hold accountable the specific wrongdoers who exploit their vast authority and cause others to abuse their powers. These wrongdoers manipulate agents at all levels to engage in immoral and illegal activities, serving the personal and often political agendas of corrupted management. We must change the existing structures and create the necessary checks keeping in mind the reality that no-one is perfect and it is unlikely that anyone can resist corruption in such an environment. That is why Whistleblowers remain crucial soldiers in the perpetual fight against corruption.  Even if these organizations are restructured to decentralize power and promote checks and balances as they need to be, there will always be a need for Whistleblowers in order to help maintain the integrity of any organizations that influence our lives.

Why was this case so important? Although no one can be certain of exactly what is happening, let’s consider, for example, the possibility that the abuse of power within the FBI, exposed by whistleblowers, appears to be part of a larger campaign involving the Department of Justice and other U.S. Government agencies. Evidence suggest that these U.S. Government agencies and the substantial news outlets that they control are cooperating to create an image of an organization and a threat that doesn’t actually exist. This image characterizes a vast group of violent right-wing extremists and racists who are purportedly prepared to use force at any time to resist and oppose the Democratic Party and the current President, Joe Biden, who is a senile puppet who was installed by the party.  Without the cooperation of lower level agents in the FBI it is difficult to make the threat appear real.

It is evident that there are numerous individuals in their respective U.S. Government positions who are abusing their authority, aiming to create instability and chaos within the United States. This instability can be exploited alongside the false right-wing threat narrative as a pretext to garner sympathy for the Democrat Party and castigate all other parties to ultimately gain complete control over the entire U.S. population. Shockingly, all of these actions are designed to fulfill the selfish ambitions and totalitarian aspirations of a few mentally ill and corrupt politicians and business leaders with depraved minds who, just like their totalitarian predecessors throughout history are perfectly willing to destabilize and dismantle the United States and sell off everyone in the country, in exchange for paltry bribes that include money, drugs, sexual favors, election campaign support, and lucrative business partnerships from foreign governments, drug cartels, human traffickers, and other criminals and anti-American entities of unknown origins.

Every day, mounting evidence is becoming available in the public domain, indicating that numerous prominent individuals in the United States, who wield influence and control over the country and its citizens, are compromised and collaborating closely with malicious actors and dangerous anti-American forces. Regrettably, the evidence suggests that the list of compromised individuals includes the President of the United States, members of his family, as well as influential U.S. business leaders, celebrities, reporters, doctors, scientists, educators, and establishment politicians. Furthermore, it includes individuals who have been appointed to key positions of power, exerting control over the U.S. Government, including the military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and judges. Every day, these bad actors grow bolder, carrying out their corrupt schemes in broad daylight for all to see, without fearing any reprisals from the law enforcement agencies they control. Meanwhile, they wield their extensive influence over news and social media platforms to suppress any discourse regarding the blatant corruption that is evident to everyone but is increasingly only discussed in private.

Thank goodness for Whistleblowers! The FBI Whistleblowers involved in the case that led to the creation of WhistleblowerHelp.org shed light on individual instances of corruption, enabling us to gain a better understanding and, hopefully, thwart the much larger and more dangerous plan currently unfolding within the United States government while there is still time. The current establishment politicians and the U.S. President are finding ways purge the government of employees who are free thinkers and recruit people who are easier to control.  At the same time policies and procedures are slowly being instituted from the top that make the remaining government employees and the military comfortable with accepting and normalizing destructive and antisocial orders from their superiors. These orders are contrary to the founding principles of liberty, justice, and equality that every American enjoys today, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. By promoting strict adherence to such orders and punishing whistleblowers who expose these unethical and illegal policies, the Biden Administration and other bad actors seek to lay the foundation that is necessary in order to eventually establish a totalitarian form of government controlled entirely by the Democratic Party, establishment politicians, and the wealthy business owners and aristocracy who exert influence over them all.

Some may label the scenarios described above as a conspiracy theory. However, the problem we all face is that the events and outcomes mentioned have actually occurred. Whether any underlying conspiracy is proven or not, we must confront these unsettling patterns and historical events and actively strive to put an end to the ongoing abuses. Irrespective of underlying motivations, considering the actual events that have unfolded as described, it is crucial to recognize the significance of having, encouraging, and supporting Whistleblowers and critical thinkers within our government and across all sectors of society today and in the future.  That is the reason for WhistleblowerHelp.org to exist!

Given the unpredictable nature of our current environment and the extensive powers and capabilities possessed by our business and government leaders, it becomes evident that even well-intentioned errors can result in chaos. Such chaos may only come to light through Whistleblowers, who deserve to have their stories heard and thoroughly investigated. It is crucial that their safety and career security be prioritized, as long as they are speaking the truth and have exhausted all appropriate channels to address the issue.

Please help us to help you to preserve your freedom from the negative results of corruption!  Please support our hero Whistleblowers today by contributing to one of our crowd funding campaigns that will provide much needed assistance to Whistleblowers and their families. Your contribution sends a direct message to bad actors in government!

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